Unlocking the Value of Your Data

Enaimco’s Operational Twin is a collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables data-driven decision-making and advanced troubleshooting for subsea operations, transforming both operations support and asset integrity management.

By unlocking the value of your data, our Operational Twin will help you enhance performance, boost collaboration across teams, increase production uptime, and reduce operating costs, all while ensuring the safety and integrity of your subsea assets

Seamless Access to Verified Data

Our fully populated Operational Twin provides instant access to the information required to support subsea operations. All data is presented in a unique collaborative visual environment that is easy to navigate. We seamlessly integrate and contextualize your characteristic, conditional, and operational subsea data into a single package, which can then be leveraged through our workflow, analytics, and mission support modules

Empower Your Teams

Transform your offshore operations support with intelligent automation to enhance transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. Transition from traditional manual work processes to a modern digital environment and save valuable time for high-value activities. We offer digital solutions for anomaly management, risk-based assessments, IMR planning and execution, media management, and more. Automated alerts and notifications keep our customers well-informed and in control of their assets.

Leverage Data for Maximum Benefit

Seamlessly integrating with existing applications, our Operational Twin transforms scattered data into a powerful resource, maximizing value by creating synergy and revealing valuable insights. By providing a comprehensive understanding of your asset’s lifecycle, data can be leveraged to offer cutting-edge descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics aligned with your unique operational goals. Gain a better understanding of historical events, identify root causes, predict future performance, and receive actionable insights for continuous development that will maximize the benefits.

Collective Value

Enaimco’s Operational Twin can be customized with a wide range of additional modules. Clients can select the modules that bring maximum value. By utilizing our configurable modules and through data integrations with third-party software, our Operational Twin will become your hub for subsea support. All modules have been designed to solve real-world problems and to complement each other, maximizing collective value.

Our commitment to continuous development and improvement is a hallmark of our mission to drive innovation.

Think Beyond Software

When you choose Enaimco’s Operational Twin, you are not just getting a software platform – you are getting a fully populated, living, contextualized model that’s ready to go from day one.

We bring in all the information and contextualize it within the platform, so you can hit the ground running and immediately benefit from its comprehensive capabilities. As a SaaS company, we are committed to providing continuous support and improvements. Our flexibility allows us to tailor the platform to your unique needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your operations and delivers maximum value.

The remote and complex nature of subsea operations makes the need for digitalization ever more imperative. By streamlining operations and workflows, our Operational Twin enables our clients to minimize vessel days and maximize the efficiency of limited personnel resources. Leveraging our solution will result in production and operational vessel day savings.


Enaimco’s platform enhances your workforce, boosts collaboration, increases production, and reduces operating costs. The software is designed to empower your team, streamline operations, and unlock valuable insights, ultimately driving superior asset performance and efficiency.

Enhance Your Workforce

  • Visualization of your assets 
  • Reduce time spent searching for information
  • Automation of repetitive and mundane tasks
  • Increased time for high value activities
  • Unify software access, save time switching between multiple software applications with one single point of access

Increase collaboration

  • Eliminate duplicated efforts within a collaborative environment
  • Communication tool for multi-disciplinary teams and management

Increase Production

  • Instant access to critical information
  • Enhanced decision making and reduced job pressure
  • Unlock valuable insights and increase asset performance

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Holistic view of asset condition
  • Improved system integrity
  • Streamlining of all operations
  • Decrease vessel time
  • Predictive vs. reactive maintenance

Greater Visibility, Unlimited Potential

Enaimco helps you visualize, explore, and collaborate on your assets like never before. Gain an enhanced appreciation of your assets with our intelligent, navigable, one-stop-shop that combines domain knowledge and expertise with data analytics. This lifelike rendering integrates your existing data and processes into an intelligent digital twin of your assets to provide a cloud resident, collaborative solution that enables operational transformation. Operators can now leverage their data and gain insights to transform the way they operate and manage their subsea infrastructure and unlock previously unrealized revenues together with significant reductions in GHG emissions, cost, and risk.

Accurate Information. Always.

Enaimco’s software empowers informed decision making by providing an accurate holistic view of your assets to all stakeholders with a ‘Single Point of Truth’ – helping you make better and faster decisions with more confidence. Connect anytime, anywhere to our cloud-based platform and ensure everyone is on the same page with easy access to the most accurate and up-to-date documents, enhanced operational data, pictures, videos, and assessments, etc., through a real-time, intelligent digital twin of your subsea assets.

Transparent Collaboration

Enaimco provides all asset stakeholders a common platform. Bring your teams together by letting users communicate, troubleshoot, manage, and monitor your assets and work scopes. Streamline communications by connecting onshore and offshore teams to improve communications, increase efficiency, minimize production downtime, and most importantly reduce offshore vessel days.

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